President Obama's ambulance runs out of gas, sparks criticism

The vehicle’s fuel gauge had been broken for months and has only now been sent for repair

WASHINGTON — A D.C. fire department ambulance, which accompanies a presidential motorcade as it departs from the White House, ran out of gas Thursday.

WJLA reported that on August 8, President Obama and the First Lady were leaving the White House to celebrate President Obama’s 52nd birthday at a nearby restaurant, and the ambulance traveling behind them ran out of gas.

Fire officials confirm the vehicle was towed away and is now being repaired off-site and that the crew should have filled the tank that day, according to the report.

WJLA reported that the vehicle’s fuel gauge had been broken for months and not been repaired.

"This is just an example that highlights the fact that we are not where we need to be," said D.C. Councilman Tommy Wells.

Another ambulance was dispatched and arrived at the White House 20 minutes later after the first one ran out of gas, according to the report. By then, the motorcade was already at the restaurant.

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