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Mom names baby after paramedic who helped her during Camp fire

Anastasia and Daniel Skinner named their baby after Mickey Huber, who responded to Anastasia’s call when she went into labor while trying to rescue her mom’s pets


By News Staff

PARADISE, Calif. — A mother who went into labor during the Camp fire named her baby after the paramedic who saved her.

ABC10 reported that Anastasia Skinner, her husband Daniel and their two kids were in the process of escaping the Camp fire when Anastasia separated from her family to try and save her mother’s pets.

Anastasia began having contractions and called 911, and Butte County EMS =Assistant Chief of Operations Mickey Huber arrived to help.

“When he came he was like, ‘We need to do this,’ and everyone got into action really fast when he got there, and he jumped in the back of my car with me and tried to keep my attention off of what was going on.”

Huber said he was focused on keeping Anastasia from panicking.

“My whole focus was to try and keep her calm,” he said. “Keep her breathing and try and delay labor as long as I could. My main goal was just to get her down the hill.”

Huber got Anastasia to safety, and her baby was born and is doing well.

To honor Huber, the couple named the girl Zoelle Mickey Skinner. The paramedic also got to meet Zoelle two days after she was born.

“That was one of the top moments of my career,” Huber said.

The couple said they are forever grateful for Huber’s help in what could have been a fatal situation.