7 ways to promote EMS and fire grants

Sharing your grant success will further your standing in the community and boost your chances of more funding

One way to enhance a fire or EMS agency's grant application is to look for an opportunity to explain how the department will promote and market the grant award and implementation.

First, look for specific questions on the application that ask about a grant award and program marketing strategy. If there are no such questions about promotion, use an addendum or "other information" field to outline the promotion and marketing strategy.

When building a grant marketing strategy, consider all of the steps in the grant process as opportunities to promote your efforts to the community. During the application process, reach out to the local media to explain which grants are being sought, the need the grants will solve for the department and how this will aid the community. This can be done by one-off or quarterly news releases. If the agency has an officer comfortable with the media, invite the media representatives for an interview.

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