Medic Mindset Podcast: A flight medic's passion for free medical education

Tyler Christifulli shares his perspective on imminent cardiac arrest, surgical airways and how humming manages stress on calls

In this episode of Medic Mindset, Ginger Locke interviews Tyler Christifulli. Christifulli is a flight medic, an EMS educator and an EMS podcast creator. He and Ginger share a passion for podcasting and free online access medical education (FOAMed).

In this episode, they discuss:

  • The three signs that indicate cardiac arrest is imminent.
  • What five medications Christifulli would want on his ambulance/helicopter if given a choice.
  • The other ABCs, which Christifulli says stands for “Always bear compassion.”
  • How paramedic school didn’t prepare him for intubation.
  • How humming helps manage stress on calls.
  • Christifulli’s first surgical airway.
  • FOAMed.
  • Christifulli’s mentors.
  • Why he’d rather use the term “field educator” instead of “field training officer.”

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