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Video: NYC EMT stabbed multiple times by agitated patient

A patient stabbed a Mount Sinai EMT several times in the leg, chest and arm


CBS New York/YouTube

By Kerry Burke, Janon Fisher
New York Daily News

NEW YORK — An emotionally disturbed man stabbed an EMT inside an ambulance in Manhattan on Wednesday night, according to police and witnesses.

The first responder was trying to assist the patient in the back of the ambulance as it approached Mount Sinai West in Midtown on W. 59th St. near 10th Ave. just before 9 p.m., witnesses told the Daily News.

The patient became upset as the ambulance approached the loading dock of the emergency room and attacked her, a witness said.

“He was a patient-turned-psycho,” said a fellow EMT, who declined to be identified. “He stabbed her in the leg, chest and arm. He skewered her.”

The victim was alert and smiling as she was transferred from Mount Sinai West to a level-one trauma center after the attack.

Jehovany Diaz, 60, observed the response from the upper floors of an adjacent building.

“The ambulance stopped right there,” he said, pointing to the emergency room loading dock. “The driver ran out for help.”

He said that police and other hospital workers rushed to the EMT’s aid.

“They cut the clothing off her uniform,” Diaz said. “She was bleeding from her leg ... I couldn’t believe that someone who helps people could be stabbed by a patient.”

Fellow emergency medical workers erupted in applause as she was wheeled out on a stretcher and loaded into another ambulance.

The attacker was in police custody, with charges pending as of late Wednesday.

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