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‘We have to battle hard’: EMS pain points and what it will take to fix them

Guest host Rob Lawrence talks EMS advocacy: “We need voices. We need people. We need people to convey the message.”

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In this week’s episode of the Inside EMS podcast, host Chris Cebollero and guest host Rob Lawrence delve into the dynamics of EMS leadership, legislative challenges and the pursuit of better reimbursement practices for EMS services. The conversation also digs into EMS on the Hill Day and how providers can impact legislation through advocacy.

Memorable quotes

  • “We say, ‘When is someone going to do something?’ And really, the charge is, ‘When is everyone going to step up and do something?’” — Chris Cebollero
  • “We have to battle hard to increase our reimbursement, which therefore equates to income, which therefore equates to wages. It’s not a case about we all want to go home in a Rolls-Royce.” — Rob Lawrence
  • “To get things done in EMS, we actually have to be good at convincing our locally elected officials.” — Rob Lawrence
  • “The power of the folk out there, when they put their uniform on, when they get in front of these elected officials, is absolute.” — Rob Lawrence

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