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Leaders are listening, let them know your concerns

The 8th annual What Paramedics Want survey wants to hear from medical first responders, EMTs and paramedics about their expectations of leaders and opportunities for professional development

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Each year, responders from all types of services – paid and volunteer, big and small, urban and rural – participate in the EMS1 state-of-the industry report, conducted in partnership with Fitch & Associates and the National EMS Management Association.

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EMTs, paramedics and medical first responders, the 8th annual What Paramedics Want survey is open and collecting responses. Join thousands of your colleagues from around the United States in sharing your opinions on the state of the industry and your ideas for improving EMS.

Each year, responders from all types of services – paid and volunteer, big and small, urban and rural – participate in the EMS1 state-of-the industry report, conducted in partnership with Fitch & Associates and the National EMS Management Association. Your responses, trended over time, are reviewed and applied by agency leaders, state and federal regulators, educators, industry suppliers and EMS associations as they consider opportunities, set budgets and develop plans to continuously improve EMS.

Leaders want your input

The findings of the What Paramedics Want survey are presented annually at the Pinnacle EMS Leadership Forum. In the first few years, the WPW survey presentation attracted 10 to 20 leaders. In recent years, the presentation has drawn more than 100 attendees, representing leaders from all types of EMS. Those leaders dive deep into the results, download the survey report and engage with the findings because they want to hear from a broad representation of EMS professionals. Answering this year’s survey is an unparalleled opportunity to speak directly to the nation’s EMS leaders.

After Pinnacle, WPW survey results are presented on webinars and podcasts (see links below to on-demand presentations) to ensure the widest possible audience of EMS leaders. Your input has far-reaching impact, as we have seen the results inspire professional association discussions and research projects, and be referenced in media reports and conferences presentations. WPW has also inspired similar research efforts – What Firefighters Want and What Cops Want.

Tell leaders what matters

The What Paramedics Want survey captures the needs and concerns of people on the front lines of EMS. Through the years, the survey has dived deep into issues like violence against EMS providers, the initial and ongoing impact of COVID-19, reimbursement and compensation, health and wellness resources, mental health support, and recruitment and retention. WPW has explored, in-depth, if you recommend EMS as a profession and the impact of people in the career not recommending it to others. WPW has also told leaders that the character traits you value most are honesty, integrity and transparency.

WPW also uses your responses to guide the construction of next year’s reports. For example, respondents have told us that one of the reasons they are considering leaving EMS is the lack of opportunities for professional development and advancement. A top area of exploration for this year’s WPW survey is better understanding your professional development interests, the opportunities available to you and the barriers to participation in professional development activities.

Thanks for making this possible

The What Paramedics Want survey is only possible because of your participation. Thanks for taking the time to answer the survey questions, encouraging your coworkers and EMS social networks to respond and engaging with the results. Please share the link widely, repost this LinkedIn post and email us for an email template to adapt for your service or association.

Finally, we would not be launching the 8th annual What Paramedics Want survey without our initial collaboration with Keith Griffiths, Red Flash Group; and Jay Fitch, Fitch & Associates. When we launched this effort, nearly 10 years ago, we hoped it would impact the profession in a meaningful way, but I don’t think any of us would have imagined how important it would be to give EMS professionals an opportunity to share their perceptions of our industry and suggestions for improvement.

Thanks for taking this year’s What Paramedics Want survey.

Take the 2024 What Paramedics Want survey now.

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