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Shifting the paradigm on what EMS is supposed to be for the community

Educating the public about when it is appropriate to call EMS – and how quickly we should get there

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In this EMS Week episode of Inside EMS, Cohosts Chris Cebollero and Kelly Grayson dive into where emergency care begins, and how community paramedicine launched a paradigm shift years in the making. They discuss how EMS did a fine job of educating the community about the obstacles and dangers of the job during COVID-19, but need to capitalize on and maintain that momentum moving forward.

Notable quotes from this episode:

  • “Community paramedicine has everything to do with EMS week.”
  • “Advocacy is what this is all about, and we as a profession have kind of fallen down on the job for quite a while on educating the public about the capabilities of EMS, and the obstacles and hardships that we face, and that’s what EMS Week is all about.”
  • “We need to leverage our advocacy and teach the real first responders, the public, about what’s appropriate to call EMS for and what they can do to crowdsource that urgent care.”

Chris and Kelly discuss:

  • How emergency care begins at dispatch and nurse triage of 911
  • ET3 and the telehealth model
  • Kelly’s experience with treatment-in-place and alternate destinations
  • Response time standards

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