London medics tweet jobs and advice to Londoners

London Ambulance Service is using social media to better connect with its community and raise public awareness about what EMS providers are doing

LONDON — London Ambulance Service (LAS), the world's busiest ambulance service, uses Twitter every day to give advice about high profile incidents and to promote public awareness campaigns.

@Ldn_Ambulance has 38,600 followers that it connects with. 

“Twitter is a great way for us to talk to Londoners about what we do. It shows the huge range of calls we attend and demonstrates how highly skilled our staff are," said LAS Communications Director Charlotte Gawne.

Tweets from patients

“Patients also use Twitter to feedback back on their experience and we know social media is another way we can be an open and transparent organization,” Gawne said.

Tweeting about jobs

LAS is also encouraging its 4,500 member staff in a range of roles across 70 stations to tweet about the jobs they do.

Tweets from individual staff, as well as eight specialist teams and individual Twitter accounts are for the more than seven million people who live and work in the London area. Popular Twitter handles include: 

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