K2 abuse hospitalizes 20; seriously sickens 5

EMS crews found 10 of the victims outside a Tulsa, Oklahoma, soup kitchen

TULSA, Okla. — Twenty people were hospitalized Tuesday and Wednesday because of K2 abuse in Tulsa.

Ten people collapsed, convulsing and seizing, outside a soup kitchen Tuesday morning. Ten ambulances responded, Tulsa World reported.

EMS crews responded to a dozen other incidents before the day was over.

Nineteen patients were transported to the hospital. Five of them were in serious conditions.

Police officer Darin Shipley said he had never seen a worse K2 situation.

"We get the occasional overdose around the city, but it’s pretty unusual to have a whole bunch of people smoking the same bad drug at the same time and that many people having the same effects all at once," he said.

Police started an investigation and on Wednesday arrested three people in connection with the K2 overdoses, Bamf Okeith Hunter, 29; Thomas Colishaw, 21; and Abdur Rahim, 47.

Police found Hunter in possession of two bags of K2, 12 K2 cigarettes and loose K2.

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