Top 5 EMS videos of December

The top videos of December featured clips on when to use a nasopharyngeal airway and prehospital use of ketamine

By EMS1 Staff

The top videos of December were dominated by a mix of educational and training videos, including a hilarious Star Wars CPR clip. Steve Whitehead explains how EMS providers can identify and help battle PTSD, as well as reminding us when to insert a nasopharyngeal airway. Also featured in the top videos is a roundup of 2016’s top EMS entertainment clips. Enjoy!

1. Watch: EMS agency creates Star Wars CPR video
The video was made for American Heart Month and shows the proper way to administer hands-only CPR.

2. Remember 2 Things: Identifying EMS PTSD
Steve Whitehead, host of Remember 2 Things, discusses a couple points for EMS providers to keep in mind that are dealing with on-the-job stress, burnout or PTSD.

3. Top 5 EMS entertainment videos of 2016
These are the videos that entertained EMS providers and the general public this year.

4. Remember 2 Things: When to use a nasopharyngeal airway
Steve Whitehead reminds us to always attempt to insert a nasopharyngeal airway when using a bag valve mask, and that it should be used in combination with other airway adjuncts.

5. Prehospital use of ketamine
Watch this video about the mechanism of action, indications and administration routes for prehospital use of ketamine.

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