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Mother brings dying baby back to life by performing CPR

Jasmin Legg found her 4-week-old baby cold, blue and not breathing; she called 911 and was instructed to give CPR

By EMS1 Staff

BURNHAM, England — A mother saved her baby’s life by performing CPR after finding him cold and blue due to a serious case of bronchiolitis.

Mirror reported that after Jasmin Legg found 4-week-old Zachary unresponsive in his cot, she called 911 for help.

South Central Ambulance Service member Darren Bradley instructed Legg on how to give CPR, which Legg did for eight minutes until Zachary began breathing on his own.

“When I looked at the baby he just looked blue and he flopped in my hands. I thought he was dead,” Legg said. “It was the longest eight minutes of my life. Darren was brilliant; he was constantly guiding me, as I have never done CPR before. He saved Zachary.”

When paramedics arrived, they were able to raise the baby’s breathing to 28 breaths a minute before rushing him to the hospital, where he was diagnosed with a serious case of bronchiolitis.

Zachary is now fully recovered at home, and Legg was able to meet Bradley and thank him for his help.

“It was really nice to meet Darren and say thank you, as these people don’t get enough thanks for what they do,” she said.