Hero of the Week: 11-year-old saves dad

He started performing CPR, stayed calm and called for help when is father collapsed with a heart attack

We’ve got to hand it to 11-year-old Josh Williamson, who sprang to action with his 56-year-old father collapsed from a heart attack in his flat in England.

The boy immediately started CPR, and called 999, saying it looked like his father was dead, but keeping his cool. Once medics arrived, he watched over them as they worked on his dad, offering to help and moving furniture and opening doors when they moved him to the ambulance.

Paramedics were able to confirm a pulse and at the hospital Williamson shook all the responder’s hands, thanking them for saving his father, and even giving paramedic Rachael Cavill a hug.  She recalls his reaction when she told him his father’s heart was working but that he was still doing very poorly.

“Josh’s reply brought a tear to my eye,” she said. “He just said, ‘thank you. I am not ready to lose my dad yet.’”

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