Head-up CPR and neuroprotective resuscitation

Wayne Kewitsch and Johanna Moore dig into improving SCA survival and neurological outcomes

How do we improve the dismal 10% survival rate of out-of-hospital cardiac arrest? Who better to ask than four-time SCA survivor and retired fire chief Wayne Kewitsch, alongside Emergency Physician and Resuscitation Scientist Johanna Moore?

Johanna focuses her cutting-edge research on perfusion and found that raising the head of the patient improves neurological outcomes. Wayne is now the executive director of MnFIRE, which focuses on firefighter health and wellness. Take a listen as The EMS Educator podcast  Hosts Rob Lawrence and Hilary Gates, MAEd, NRP, dig into the power of education, changing culture, tech advances and pigs.

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The chain of survival: How a fire chief who suffered 2 sudden cardiac arrests beat the odds

A month after his son initiated CPR for his first SCA, Wayne Kewitsch suffered a second medical emergency while driving


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