CEO: ‘I am asking, begging, pleading and praying’ to increase COVID vaccination

Richard Zuschlag, Acadian Ambulance Chairman and CEO, issues urgent plea for help in “a positive way” to increase vaccination of employees and their friends and family

By Greg Friese 

Lafayette, La. — The CEO of the Acadian Ambulance issued an urgent video plea to all employees about the importance of vaccination in the face of a severe COVID-19 outbreak in Louisiana.  

“This is an emergency and I need your help,” Richard Zuschlag, Acadian Ambulance Chairman and CEO, said. “I am asking, begging, pleading and praying for you to help me find ways, in a positive way, to get as many of our employees vaccinated as possible.  

"This (COVID) is an emergency and I need your help," Richard Zuschlag, Acadian Ambulance Chairman and CEO, said in an urgent video to employees. (Acadian Companies)

The video, embedded below, was posted on Vimeo and publicly shared on the Acadian Companies Facebook page. Zuschlag asks viewers to watch a news conference hosted by Governor Edwards, featuring Mark Kline, MD; and Katherine O’Neal, MD.      

“COVID has taken over the state,” Zuschlag said. “The only way we are going to get it back down is to get as many of our friends, family members and employees vaccinated.” 

COVID cases have increased by 900% in Louisiana in the last month and the state has one of the lowest vaccination rates in the country.  

“Now is like a full-time hurricane. The only way we are going to get through it is to increase the number of vaccinations,” said Zuschlag. 


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