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$300K billing dispute causes abrupt end to Va. ambulance service

Lifestar withdrew services just days after Sussex County officials gave them a 60-day notice



By Bill Carey
EMS1 Staff

SUSSEX COUNTY, Va. — Sussex County officials are looking for a replacement ambulance service after the Board of Supervisors ended their contract with Lifestar in a dispute over billing revenue.

Lifestar had been the ambulance provider for the county for nearly 10 years. The county gave Lifestar a 60-day notice, but the ambulance company withdrew services with just a few days notice, WRIC reported.

“The Board of Supervisors said we’ve lost over $300,000 in lost billing revenue that we should have gotten and we decided we need to sever our relationship with Lifestar,” Sussex Supervisor Eric Fly told WRIC.

WRIC contacted Lifestar for a comment and the ambulance service issued a statement, “Lifestar was advised that our contract for emergency services with the county was terminated without cause. Any questions about emergency services in Sussex County should be directed to their County Administrator or Chief of Emergency Services.” 

Deputy County Administrator David Conmy said the county’s Chief of Emergency Services worked tirelessly over the last weeks to find a replacement ambulance service. Emergency Services Solutions stepped in on June 1 to handle calls. The Waverly Rescue Squad and Stony Creek Rescue Squad are also working to ensure the county has EMS coverage while Emergency Services Solutions begins its work.

Sussex County officials intended to recover the $300,000 they believe Lifestar owes them during the past 12 months.