Podcast: Pathway from rural EMS to EMS1 editor-in-chief

The Medic2Medic podcast interviews Greg Friese, EMS1 editor-in-chief, about his EMS career, community paramedicine and provider safety

CARY, N.C. — Medic2Medic podcast discusses the history of EMS1, how Editor-in-Chief Greg Friese got involved in EMS, and the increasing usage of body armor by EMS providers.

The Medic2Medic podcast is hosted by Steve Cohen, chief of Cary (NC) Area EMS. He asks Friese about how he got involved in EMS, the first call he responded to, his decision to go to paramedic school, and the challenges of rural EMS response.

Friese recalls an especially memorable call for an injured snowmobile rider. "I was careening through the woods on the back of a snowmobile with a driver who was absolutely intoxicated," Friese said about the friend of the patient who was giving him a ride to the patient.

Cohen asks Friese about the future of community paramedicine programs and how they might scale to meet increasing patient need. They finish the conversation with a discussion of Friese's favorite marathons and Cohen's favorite half-marathons.

The Medic2Medic podcast is for EMS Providers and the public to learn more about EMS and the people who dedicate their talents to the EMS profession. Listen and subscribe to Medic2Medic on iTunes, Sticher, and Spreaker and like the Medic2Medic Facebook page for new episode notifications. 

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