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Chris Cebollero’s work to bring reimbursement to community paramedicine

In this episode, our co-hosts discuss host Chris Cebollero’s multi-year effort to create a universal reimbursement program for community paramedicine work

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This episode of the Inside EMS Podcast is sponsored by FirstNet, Built with AT&T. FirstNet uses the latest technology to keep your lines of communication and data open to help you respond faster, smarter and safer.

In this week’s episode, co-host Kelly Grayson interviews fellow host Chris Cebollero about his efforts to create a universal reimbursement plan for community paramedicine work. For the last three years, Cebollero has collaborated with a commerical payer to establish a pilot program that levels the reimbursement playing field, regardless of the type of EMS delivery system – fire-based, public, private, etc. The program is expected to expand to 10 states this year. Cebollero also discusses the logistics of the program, how agencies get up to speed and trained, and what it means for the future of community paramedicine in EMS.

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