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Ala. girl, 12, gets EMS scholarship after helping save a life

Brianna Meyers, who aspires to become a paramedic, alerted her mom when she noticed a man slumped over in his car

By Laura French

NAUVOO, Ala. — A 12-year-old Alabama girl who dreams of becoming a paramedic was offered a full scholarship for EMT training after helping to save a man’s life.

Brianna Meyers was in a parking lot outside a Dollar General on Oct. 28 when she noticed a man slumped over and motionless in another vehicle, with smoke coming out from under the hood of the vehicle, according to WBRC. She alerted her mom, who checked on the man and got no response, prompting her to call 911.

Nauvoo Fire Department personnel responded and found the man had low blood pressure, high blood sugar and an extremely low oxygen saturation, and could have died if Meyers hadn’t noticed him, according to her mother.

After the incident, local first responders held a ceremony to award Meyers for her actions. Meyers, who was inspired to become a paramedic after experiencing an allergic reaction to an insect sting, was given a full scholarship to go through EMT training when she is old enough by Regional Paramedic Services (RPS), and offered to intern for the Nauvoo Fire Department when she turns 16.

“We are very thankful for her alertness of her surroundings and the passion to help someone in critical need of emergency care,” RPS Director of Operations Eric Pendley said in a statement to WBRC. “We need more people with the character like Brianna to work in our industry.”