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NFL legend rescues pregnant woman from flooded minivan

Retired NFL player Neil Smith ran through waist-high water to rescue the stranded driver

By EMS1 Staff

LEE’s SUMMIT, Mo. — A pregnant woman trapped in a flooded minivan was rescued by a retired NFL player.

FOX4 KC reported that former NFL player Neil Smith saw a woman who was stranded in her minivan after getting stuck in floodwaters and ran through waist-high waters to rescue her.

The woman was driving through a street that had been closed due to flooding when her car stopped working.

“When I came out there this lady, she was driving and I couldn`t believe she was in there and she just got to the point where the car stalled,” Smith said. “I was just right in the right place at the right time.”

“She was in there, I didn’t know if she had kids, because she was about nine-months pregnant and she was very short, so I had to walk her out of there,” Smith added.

Smith advised that people turn around when they see barricades during a flood.