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Carbon Monoxide Screening

The Carbon Monoxide Screening topic brings together a variety of articles and resources related to carbon monoxide, including news about the exposure of providers, how to diagnose altered levels of consciousness, and understanding how CO affects the body. To get articles about carbon monoxide and other safety issues delivered straight to your inbox, sign up for the EMS1 Safety newsletter.

Check your knowledge of carbon monoxide poisoning causes, symptoms and protective strategies on scene
CO poisoning is a life-threatening emergency and victims must be removed from the environment immediately without placing the rescuers in danger
The red flags and steps to take to make the scene safer for yourself, other responders and the patients
Tipp City medics responded to a report of an illness and found complaints consistent with carbon monoxide poisoning
First responders in Cheektowaga faced several sick players and parents
Students were living inside a mod on Evergreen State College’s Olympia campus
The Town of Tonawanda paramedics rescued four family members, including two sleeping children, from potentially deadly CO levels
The FDNY cleared out 15 apartments due to the carbon monoxide leak that sickened 11 people
A Dallas Fire-Rescue crew responded to a medical call about one patient when others at the shelter began saying they felt sick
EMS officials said carbon monoxide exposure could not be ruled out in the deaths of two infants at a public housing complex
Fire officials said a boiler in the basement was leaking; the leak filled the dorm’s five floors with high levels of CO2
Treat aggressively with high-flow oxygen, rapid sequence intubation and Cyanokit in a patient with evidence of airway burns and CO2 poisoning
Deputy Chief Dan Donahue says measurements showed carbon monoxide levels of 500 parts per million in the house
The victims were inside the church when a gas line malfunctioned and they began passing out and feeling sick
Firefighters responded to the scene and found people on the lawn outside the house