Bus driver awarded for saving unresponsive student

Regina Shealy rolled the girl onto her side when she began having a seizure, and protected her from hard objects

By EMS1 Staff

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — A bus driver was awarded for her efforts in saving an unresponsive student who was having a seizure.

CBS12 reported that Regina Shealy became concerned when one of her students did not get off at her usual stop, and she received no response when she called the girl’s name.

Shealy found the student unresponsive in her seat and called 911 after an unsuccessful attempt to wake her up. Before an EMS crew arrived, the girl began having a seizure, and Shealy jumped into action by rolling her over and protecting her from hard objects.

Shealy flagged down a security officer, who helped her until EMS arrived, and the girl made a full recovery.

The Safety Council of Palm Beach County’s Traffic Safety Committee honored Shealy with the "Heroism Award" for her actions in the incident.

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