Firefighters, EMTs attend boy with autism’s birthday party after no one showed up

Holden Bridges’ father flagged down a fire truck to ask if they could come to the party after none of Holden’s classmates came

By EMS1 Staff

WARE COUNTY, Ga. — A fire crew attended a boy with autism’s birthday party after none of his classmates showed up.

FOX News reported that Holden Bridges, 7, invited his entire class to his birthday party, and began crying when he realized no one was coming.

“He kept saying his friends were just getting ready, going to get presents, that’s why they were late,” Holden’s mom Amanda said.

Holden’s father decided save the day by flagging down a passing fire truck and asking the Ware County Fire Department crew if they could attend the party.

 The firefighters and EMTs showed up with a fire truck, two ambulances and multiple police officers. They gave Holden his own badge, helmet and presents.

“He was super excited,” Ware County Fire Lt. Drew McCarthy said. “His daddy said he always wanted to be a firefighter, so that made it special.”

“They let him blow the horn, which is big for him because he doesn’t like loud sounds all the time,” Amanda said. “They didn’t do it for any rewards or recognition,” she said. “They did it out of the kindness of their hearts.”


The Ware County Firefighters, Police Officers, and EMTs will always have a special place in this momma’s heart. When no...

Posted by Amanda Bridges on Saturday, November 25, 2017

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