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As donated vehicles are destroyed by hostile action – more ambulances, fire trucks and SUVs are needed
You can’t help anyone if you don’t get there safely; always practice defensive driving, especially when you’re responding to an emergency call
Richmond Ambulance Authority donates supplies, ambulances abroad
The Prince George’s County Fire Department firefighters were transported with minor injuries after the single-vehicle incident
Paramedic says co-response program “is allowing us to become more human with one another”
“The outpouring was phenomenal,” Lake Norden Chief of Police Tony Aas said, describing offers for substitute vehicles
MedStar’s ambus crew came through despite the storm
From locally, to Ecuador and Ukraine, EMS and fire organizations stepped up to make a difference both at home and internationally
The donation was made in coordination with the International Fire Training Force, a Chicago nonprofit effort to aid overseas fire departments
The ERSI has already tracked 34 first responder roadway-incident deaths in 2022 and an average of two struck-by incidents daily
The vehicles are equipped with vital items, including medications, blood products, IV pumps, intubation equipment and ventilators
The defendant is alleged to have stolen Buffalo’s Engine 1 on July 14 while firefighters were responding to an EMS call
Brian Harbaugh said he went to pick up paperwork Sunday, exited the building fast and called for NorthStar EMS to help him; he quit on Monday
The suspects had reportedly cut through the back of the building and stole defibrillators, chainsaws, radios, generators and Jaws of Life