NY AMR workers’ union threatens strike

Local 449 Vice President Kevin Drysdale said there have been “multiple problems” leading up to the 10-day strike notice, including poor negotiations

By EMS1 Staff

BUFFALO, N.Y. — An AMR workers’ union is threatening a strike, citing poor negotiations as one of the “multiple problems” that prompted a 10-day strike notice.

WKBW reported that the entire Buffalo AMR staff consisting of 350 EMS providers are “preparing to do what is necessary” if the union cannot “resolve its issues” within 10 days, according to Local 449 Vice President Kevin Drysdale.

Drysdale said a public statement will be released soon with more information, and both Twin City Ambulance and Mercy Flight have released statements about how they would step in and contribute if the strike should occur.

The agencies added that AMR is ultimately responsible for forming a backup plan.

"Hopefully AMR has a contingency plan in place for such a situation to ensure that the welfare of the public is not harmed in any way,” Mercy Flight Vice President Scott Wooton said. “As far as Mercy Flight’s involvement could be concerned, our ground ambulance resources are comparatively very limited, and are dedicated to other service areas, but we would certainly provide any assistance we possibly could to assist those suffering from a medical emergency."


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