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S.D. EMTs, patient escape ambulance fire

The Day County EMT driving the ambulance heard a loud bang from underneath the patient compartment during transport

By Bill Carey

WALCOTT, N.D. — EMTs with Day County Ambulance Service quickly evacuated themselves and their patient before their ambulance became engulfed in flames during a transport.

The EMS crew was traveling northbound on I-29 on June 8 when it caught fire. The EMT driving immediately stopped the vehicle and, along with another EMT, helped evacuate a patient from the rear of the ambulance, according to a social media post.

All three retreated to a safe distance before the ambulance was destroyed.

The patient was transferred to a Breckenridge-Wahpeton Ambulance and taken to Sanford Hospital in Fargo. The ambulance was declared a total loss, WZFG reported.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol is currently investigating the incident.