Crew escapes burning ambulance that chars several vehicles

The Mount Sinai EMS crew was inside the ambulance when the engine caught fire

By EMS1 Staff

NEW YORK — The crew was able to safely escape an ambulance that caught fire and burned several vehicles in the vicinity Tuesday night.

CBS New York reported that the Mount Sinai EMS crew was responding to a call when the ambulance engine caught fire. At least least six vehicles were burned as a result of the blaze, leaving some of them completely charred.

“I thought they were gunshots,” witness Peter Ranger said. “I thought a car alarm was one of the guys trying to break into a car and get out of here but then I smelled some smoke and saw fire, the shadows of fire through my window.”

Witness Carol Bolger said “big explosions” lasted for around an hour.

“I could see this huge amount of space that was just flaming into the air and of course, by then, all the fire trucks were coming,” Bolger said. “It went on for about another hour and I kept hearing these big explosions — I don’t know if that’s the tires — but I was glad that there were a lot of people responding.”


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