Firefighter on medical call hurt during attempted rig highjacking

A transient jumped into a fire truck and attempted to pull the driver out of the cab; the firefighter got hurt attempting to defuse the situation

By EMS1 Staff

CHICO, Calif. — A firefighter was transported to the hospital after he crushed his foot between a fire truck and an ambulance.

The Chico Fire Department responded to a medical call, but could not find anyone in need of help when they arrived.

KRCR reported that 45-year-old Roy Brown, a believed transient, jumped into the fire truck and attempted to pull the driver out of the cab. The truck began to roll forward when the driver’s foot lifted off of the brake.

The firefighter sitting in the passenger side of the cab attempted to help. He got out of the moving truck and crushed his foot when it collided with the ambulance.

Brown was tackled by other firefighters and was later arrested. He will be charged with three counts of battery on emergency workers and carjacking.

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