Ind. dispatcher helps boy who called 911 after ‘bad day at school’

Lafayette dispatcher Antonia Bundy helped the boy with fractions after he said he had a “really bad day” because he had “tons of homework”

By EMS1 Staff

LAFAYETTE, Ind. — A dispatcher who received a call from a boy who had “tons of homework” helped him sort through his fractions.

Journal and Courier reported that dispatcher Antonia Bundy asked the boy about his emergency, to which he responded, “I had a really bad day and, I don’t know.”

“You had a bad day at school?” Bundy asked.

“Yeah,” the boy said. “I just came to tell you that.”

“What happened at school that made you have a bad day?” Bundy said.

“I just have tons of homework,” the boy said. “It’s so hard.”

Bundy figured out the boy was having trouble with fractions, so she helped him solve an equation.

The Lafayette Police Department released the audio on their Twitter page and commended Bundy for her actions.

“Our dispatchers never know what the next call might be,” the tweet read. “They train for many emergency situations, homework help is not one they plan for. We don't recommend 911 for homework help but this dispatcher helped a young boy out and brightened his day.”

Police Chief Pat Flannelly said he was “really, really impressed with Antonia.”

“It can be a hard and busy job down there, and for her to recognize that the boy was stressed and needed someone to talk to, it was heartwarming to listen to her approach with him,” he said. “And, she solved the math problem to boot.”


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