Child, 10, calls 911 for help with math homework

Dispatcher Chris Clow helped the child figure out a difficult division problem after answering the call

By EMS1 Staff

FORT COLLINS, Colo. — A child having a hard time with math homework called 911 for help.

WRDW reported that dispatcher Chris Clow was caught off guard when he answered the 10-year-old’s call about division.

"Hi, this isn't an emergency, but I'm 10 years old and I'm working on my math homework right now and I can't figure out what 71 divided by 3,052 is,” the child said.

"I don't generally have a calculator ready to go,” Clow responded as he laughed.

Although not the normal type of emergency, Clow still helped the child figure out the problem.

"At first he was confused because he had it backward,” Clow later said.

Clow grabbed his calculator and told the child that the answer was “42.98, which you would round up to 43.”

"Oh, okay. Thanks. Thank you,” the child responded.

Clow said that while 911 is strictly for emergencies, he’s happy he could help the child.

“It's important to give them that service whenever we can,” he said.

Fort Collins police reminded the public that, despite the cuteness of the incident, 911 is only to be used in real emergencies.


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