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Body cam footage, 911 calls released in fiery plane crash

One caller can be heard saying “there’s fire everywhere” when describing the fatal plane crash that occurred in July

By EMS1 Staff

MESA, Ariz. — Blurred body camera footage and 911 calls made during a fatal plane crash on a golf course in July were released.

AZFamily reported that one caller reported the plane crash that killed the two people inside, saying he was a few hundred feet away and there was “fire everywhere.”

The caller said he saw a man trying to help the victims as he got closer to the scene.

“There’s a girl lying outside the plane,” the caller said.

“Is she breathing?” the dispatcher replied.

“No, no,” the caller said.

“He turned like he was going to try to land at Falcon Field and then he nose-dived into the field,” another 911 caller said.

The victims of the crash were later identified as Krista Buchanan and Alan Ram, the pilot.

The FAA said Ram had reported mechanical trouble and that they would not be able to reach Falcon Field, a regional airport.