Poll call 2022: Looking back on the biggest EMS trends of the year

Check out the results from this year's polls, which captured the pulse of the EMS1 community throughout 2022

During 2022, more than 6,500 EMS1 readers answered 28 weekly polls, giving instant feedback into the biggest weekly EMS news and trending topics. Your answers helped EMS1 editorial staff members understand where the industry was headed from your perspective while you served on the front lines of your communities.

For the weekly polls that garnered the most engagement, we dug into the topic at a deeper level, providing additional resources on the topic, offering expert analysis or encouraging discussion by highlighting the most insightful comments on our EMS1 Facebook page. 

Check out the full poll results: 

Be sure to watch for our poll questions throughout 2023 in the EMS1 Weekend Briefing on Sunday mornings, which recaps the week's biggest stories. Subscribe to our Daily eNewsletter to stay up to date on every shift on the latest industry news. 

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