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Off-duty EMT pulls woman from bottom of hotel pool

- 06/04/2014

BEDFORD, Mass. — An off-duty EMT rescued a woman found at the bottom of a hotel pool Sunday night. He was a guest at the DoubleTree Boston-Bedford Glen hotel, when he saw her around ...

How my personal story saved a life

- 05/27/2014

By Cristofer Gutierrez I'm an AEMT and a full-time Pre-Med Student (minor in Sociology). The night before, I gave a speech and was part of a panel for self-harm (self-mutilation and suicide). The ...

I was grateful for tape and dirty laundry for a c-spine on Thanksgiving

- 05/27/2014

By Dana McDonald It was Thanksgiving, and I had chosen to do my ER clinical for EMT-B school that day. Don't ask me why. I guess I figured, if I was going to pursue a career in EMS I ...

Managing multiple injuries in a foggy, six-car pileup

- 05/27/2014

By Leland Lee It was a foggy morning when I left early for work; a non-duty day working a second job. The commute was 45 minutes up a foggy four-lane river road. The news was alerting ...

How I freed a state trooper injured in a barrel roll

- 05/27/2014

By Ed Tapanes It was about 8:20 a.m., three days after Christmas. I had just finished my last shift of the week and had jumped onto the turnpike to get home and get some much needed sleep. ...

Car crash before EMS graduation shows dedication in a dress

- 05/27/2014

By Amanda Posey I am a volunteer first responder who just completed my EMT basic class at Aiken Technical College. My best off-duty save happened the day we graduated. I was en route to ...

My wife made me rescue a near-dead trucker

- 05/27/2014

By Michael Ellis It was 1996. My wife and I, and our two kids, were traveling to visit her parents in Texas for Christmas from Phoenix. I was a medic in a level one trauma center in Phoenix, ...

Health care may change, but EMT's dedication to the job will not

- 05/20/2014

It's National Emergency Medical Services Week. This year's theme of "EMS: Dedicated. For Life." had me thinking about what we do to protect the health of our communities, and ...

5 ways to bring a culture of celebration to your EMS agency

- 05/20/2014

I was honored to attend two retirement receptions this spring, which got me thinking: There is not enough ceremony and celebration in EMS. The first ceremony I attended was for Captain Kathy ...

EMS Week celebrates 40 years of service

- 05/19/2014

By Ryan D. Wilson Clay Center Dispatch CLAY CENTER, Kan. — Providing Emergency Medical Service through the county’s ambulance department takes a team of not just emergency medical ...

Fla. army medic, Chili's server saves man with CPR

- 05/10/2014

By Tom McLaughlin Northwest Florida Daily News FORT WALTON BEACH, Fla. — Superman’s cape is an apron, and he isn’t a mild mannered reporter – he’s a server ...

My off-duty save: A bloodied body in the road

- 05/02/2014

Many years ago, I was heading off to work. It was early in the morning, the time where the last vestiges of night are giving way to the break of day. As I turned onto the main thoroughfare ...

FDNY unveils EMS Week posters

- 05/01/2014

NEW YORK — FDNY unveiled its citywide poster celebrating national EMS Week, which begins on Sunday, May 18. This year’s theme is “Dedicated. For life.” And the ...

How your community can celebrate EMS Week

- 04/29/2014

Updated Jan. 5, 2015 What were you doing in May of 1974? Some of our more senior readers might have already entered the EMS profession, inspired by the popular TV show Emergency!, which ...

Off-duty EMT saves life of fellow softball player — again

- 04/18/2014

Los Angeles Daily News SANTA CLARITA, Calif. — Softball player Terry Backman had thrown a four-pitch inning last summer before dropping from a heart attack in the bottom of the dugout. ...

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