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Mo. paramedics rescue unconscious driver from burning vehicle

The TCAD Paramedic crew that witnessed a motor vehicle crash took immediate action to slow the fire and remove the victim from the vehicle


Paramedics Shea Lathrum and Brandon Busch were at the right place at the right time to save an unconscious driver from a vehicle fire.

Photo/TCAD Paramedics

By Janelle Foskett

Hollister, Mo. — Two Mo. paramedics rescued a driver from a burning vehicle on Friday.

Paramedics Shea Lathrum and Brandon Busch were returning from an out-of-county transport when they observed a motor vehicle accident on Highway 65 in Christian County near Saddlebrooke, Mo.

Upon exiting the ambulance, the paramedics found a heavily damaged vehicle on fire with the unconscious driver still inside.

According to a press release from TCAD Paramedics, the ambulance transport service for Taney County, Lathrum and Busch used fire extinguishers to slow the spread of the fire, then pried open the driver’s side door to remove the driver. Within a few seconds of removing the driver, the vehicle was fully involved in fire.

The patient had critical injuries and was transported to an emergency trauma center in Springfield.

“TCAD Paramedics is proud to have paramedics like Shea and Brandon who are willing to put the life of a stranger above their own safety,” the release read. “The quick actions of these paramedics undoubtedly saved this patient life.”