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Calif. paramedic dies in crash on way to work

Riggs Ambulance Service Paramedic Marc Trujillo, 24, served in EMS for nearly five years and was a father-to-be

marc trujillo paramedic crash death california

Photo/Riggs Ambulance Service

By Laura French

MERCED COUNTY, Calif. — A young California paramedic was killed in a crash on his way to work on Friday, officials say.

Riggs Ambulance Service Inc. Paramedic Marc Trujillo, 24, was driving his truck to work on Friday morning when the vehicle went off the road and then crashed into a power pole, according to ABC 30. Officials said it appeared Trujillo had overcorrected after his truck drifted off the road onto dirt and gravel.

California Highway Patrol officers said live wires fell from the pole as they attempted to rescue Trujillo. Investigators determined Trujillo died from the impact of the crash.

Trujillo had worked in EMS for nearly five years, having begun his EMT training right after high school. He is survived by his wife Odalys with whom he was expecting his first child this upcoming August.

“Marc was an admirable young man dedicated to service in EMS,” Riggs Ambulance Service said in a statement.

An online fundraiser was launched for Trujillo’s family and funeral expenses. More than $13,000 has been raised since Saturday.[0]=AZWazJdxEQkQXAEDFCUITpAlz7s967XXB3MpZ_MxcpsOz1rwf200PyVlxQb--DekEgesRcxbF_W7z8fKsi1abw_wN1_svAofdWKvH1vUIPaY6-rfiTyx3NXKpzWZ53O95peEyNCxGUvClT3JSAXwaEiq&__tn__=%2CO%2CP-R