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Help keep you, your crew and your patient safe at motor vehicle collision scenes
Listen as risk management expert Gordon Graham describes the dangers of not using a seat belt and all first responders’ responsibility to arrive safely
Eligible regional activities under AFG are Vehicle Acquisition, Training, Equipment, Wellness and Fitness, and PPE activities
The time has come for electric vehicles in EMS
Parma Heights paramedics were leaving the scene and were unaware the woman had approached the ambulance in the dark
Truckee Meadows Fire & Rescue Chief Charles Moore was transported with chest injuries and abrasions
The sports car has a medical cool box in a purpose-built compartment at the front of the Lamborghini Huracan
Firefighters have been using fireboats and drones, but the fire may burn for days, and DNA evidence has been lost
Sans gear, Nicholas Perri Jr. “gained access to the well-involved vehicle and successfully removed the badly injured female driver,” the Brookfield FD said
“We have made a lot of progress, but there is still a lot of work to be done,” said Carter Bevins, chief of the Neon Volunteer Fire Department
Elyria crews were battling a semi-trailer blaze on the Ohio Turnpike when the blast occurred
Charles LoTiempo could lose his job and will remain suspended with pay until a decision is reached
A second Fort Osage Fire Protection District member also was hurt when a brush truck became surrounded by heavy smoke and was destroyed
EMT Lekia Smith, who was not charged and was treated for minor injuries, has released a statement and hired a lawyer
The investigator’s car was parked in a Strong Memorial bay when a Monroe Ambulance employee hit it as she opened her door to unload a patient
A technical rescue team, Stamford police and Stamford EMS responded, treated and transported her
Broeder de Vries is trying out a specially outfitted Mustang Mach-E
“We’ve had multiple situations because of how poorly maintained our fleet of vehicles is, where an ambulance will break down en route to critical calls,” the union president said
Crews with multiple agencies rescued the Morristown Rescue crew and treated and transported the patient
The trip from Jefferson Health-Abington hospital to a nursing home was less than 10 miles
The Ulster Hose Company No. 5 crew was removing a patient from the vehicle when it rolled backward, causing broken bones and facial injuries
“Our ‘Zero Emission’ Initiative exemplifies how DocGo is revolutionizing the delivery of mobile medical care,” said DocGo CEO and founder Stan Vashovsky
Victims were transported to the hospital, and Waukesha police are investigating
The team was conducting a drill and filming a volunteer recruitment video when a car drove off the marina parking lot
While world leaders debate and approve actions to reduce methane emissions and protect forests, public safety is already putting no-emission electric vehicles into service
A second ambulance was needed to bring the patient to a hospital after flames burst through the original rig’s roof and hood
Agencies are (or should be) preparing for continued rolling blackouts meant to minimize the risk of electrical line-caused fires
Four Falmouth police officers were able to lift the vehicle up enough to relieve pressure on the man’s extremities, allowing a paramedic to pull him out from under the SUV
Breaking down police, fire rescue, EMS roles in a traffic incident management system