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“Just try to wrap your thoughts around having 3, 4, 5, 10 gunshot wound patients thrown at you – at one or two medics with one ambulance.”
Emergency services organizations are struggling to meet the escalating needs for medical supplies, equipment and vehicles
Magen David Adom paramedics and EMTs are being targeted as they assist the victims of the terrorist attack
A bomb in a van in the underground parking garage exploded killing six people, injuring over 1,000
Miami Beach officials approved the deployment of 12 firefighters overseas
Prosecutors say Khalid Sheikh Mohammed may not face the death penalty
Cebollero, Dudley and Ludwig discuss honoring the legacy of 9/11
The webinars will cover security for places of worship and how to prepare for complex attacks
Leading Haredi rabbi told United Hatzalah to leave terrorists to die if it is clear who they are
US attorney Bill Killian calls killings of four at military sites an ‘act of domestic terrorism’
The Islamic extremist who planned to open fire on Paris churchgoers mistakenly shot himself in the leg; he remains hospitalized after police followed a trail of blood to his car and found loaded guns and notes about potential targets