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Provider no-shows left Ohio city without EMS coverage over weekend, mayor says

MedStar employees reported “insufficient funds” errors when trying to cash their paychecks last week, but the agency has not publicly discussed its staffing lapse



By Leila Merrill

CAMPBELL, Ohio — Mayor Bryan Tedesco discovered Saturday morning that the city of Campbell was left without EMS coverage for the weekend after MedStar staffers did not show up for work, WFMY reported.

Tedesco said he called another area provider and the Campbell Fire Department to fill in. He added that although this was a helpful short-term solution, it cannot fix a long-term issue.

Tedesco said he had a brief conversation with MedStar to find out why there were staffing issues but has not received an official response.

Campbell does not have a contract with MedStar due to challenges with recent changes in ownership. The mayor added that having a contract in place would make him feel more secure. He plans to discuss the issue with Campbell City Council members to see how any new plans could fit into the city’s budget.

Crewmembers showed up for work Monday, the news outlet reported.

Late last week, WKBN27 reported that MedStar employees had not been able to cash their paychecks. They received “insufficient funds” messages.