Paramedic bitten by patient

A teen reported as 'unconscious' became aggressive and bit the paramedic who was unable to continue his shift

BALLYCASTLE, Ireland — A paramedic was bitten by a patient he was treating early Friday morning.

Paramedics from the Northern Ireland Ambulance Service responded to a house for a teenage male reported as unconscious.

When the medics arrived, the patient became aggressive and bit the paramedic. The police were called to the scene and the assailant was taken into custody.

The paramedic, assessed at a nearby hospital, was unable to continue with the remainder of the shift.

This violent patient encounter highlights the dangers faced by NIAS crews attending calls.

"The paramedic has more than 20 years’ service, dedicated to the care of those who need our help," said a NIAS statement. "It is disgraceful that we have witnessed yet another incident of this type."

The NIAS condemns this and other violent attacks for the physical and emotional trauma caused on their staff.

"We have no hesitation in, once again, calling for this individual to face the full rigor of the law," NAIS said. "These attacks are unnecessary and we must continue to educate the public of the dangers they pose, both to our staff and the communities they serve."

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