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ESO report: EMS delivered 47% more death notifications in 2021

The 2022 ESO EMS Index also showed an increase in stroke assessment performance, and that most patients were transported without lights and siren

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Photo/Courtesy of American Ambulance Association

By Rachel Engel

AUSTIN, Texas — ESO has released the latest version of its EMS Index. Among the findings: EMS delivered nearly twice as many death notifications in 2021 as compared to pre-COVID years.

The 2022 ESO EMS Index, which tracks data for more than 2,000 agencies nationwide, also reported new statistics regarding stroke care, hot transport, 12-lead EKG application and more.

“This is the fifth year of our annual EMS Index, and we continue to see how agencies and departments are using data to make meaningful and deliberate decisions that have a positive impact,” said Dr. Brent Myers, Chief Medical Officer for ESO. “Additionally, we take a hard look at how, as EMS, we respond to our diverse patient population to identify where we have gaps and disparities when it comes to assessment and care for all members of a community.”

Access the full 2022 ESO EMS Index here or read it below: