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Photo of the Week: Leon County EMS celebrates veteran providers

Fla. paramedic serves both county and country


Paramedic Kayla Sampson. (Photo/Leon County Government)

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By EMS1 Staff

LEON COUNTY, Fla. — In honor of Veterans Day, Leon County officials spotlight Leon County EMS Paramedic Kayla Sampson.

Sampson currently holds the rank of Sergeant in the Army National Guard. After enlisting in 2017 with aspirations of entering nursing school, her path took a different turn when she was presented with the opportunity to train as a combat medic. Progressing in her military career, Sampson eventually became a Critical Care Flight Paramedic for the Army and was deployed to the Middle East.

“The military instills a profound sense of self-discipline, and I find that this quality seamlessly translates into my work at Leon County,” Sampson said. “It equips me with the skills to uphold punctuality, maintain integrity in my work, adopt healthy lifestyle practices, and sustain both my physical and mental well-being—a particularly challenging feat in a career field like ours.”