2 EMTs suspended for allegedly assaulting handcuffed patient

The EMTs are accused of verbally provoking the injured man and physically striking him multiple times

By Laura French

ATLANTIC CITY, N.J. — A pair of New Jersey EMTs have been suspended after allegedly physically assaulting a handcuffed patient at an Atlantic City casino.

According to an account by the New Jersey Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS), based on surveillance video, incident reports and patient reports, EMTs Anthony Siudut and Sarah Aponte both verbally harassed and physical struck the injured man multiple times during the November 2019 incident, the Courier Post reports. The EMTs are employed by Exceptional Medical Transportation, which provides EMS services in Atlantic City.

The man, who had an “obvious head injury” according to the OEMS, was “uncooperative” and “screaming” and had his hands cuffed behind his back during the alleged assault.

Siudut is accused of stepping on the patient’s handcuffs “without provocation or threats,” grabbing his head and throat to force him to the ground and striking him repeatedly in the face with a closed fist when the patient brought his knee toward the Siudut’s head.

Aponte is accused of elbowing the patient in the groin multiple times.

Letters to both EMTs announcing their suspensions acknowledged that EMS providers can face difficult and combative patients but stated that striking a patient “is never an appropriate response to a situation.”

The EMTs’ suspensions will remain indefinitely until they are lifted by the health department or through a court order. The suspensions can also be appealed by the EMTs.

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