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Paramedics Julie Purick and Davin Eshelman were exposed to respiratory injuries that were “secondary to the inhalation of hot smoke and gas,” the union said
Let’s work together to change the outdated and flawed practice of progressive discipline
Five years after the Route 91 Harvest Festival MCI, a paramedic reflects on a frightening moment, and the lessons learned
The Elijah McClain trial highlighted gaps in medical procedures that experts said must be addressed
The Rialto firefighters maintained they were strictly adhering to COVID protocols in the 2021 incident
Tri-Township Fire and Rescue fire chief required EMTs to become Advanced EMTs
Sioux City council capped the number as the fire department moved to hire more FFs to fill vacant EMS positions
New Chapel EMS and AmeriPro Health are competing to see who will provide EMS for Floyd County
Kingston officials unanimously approved the funding to increase staffing in the city-run ambulance service
Moscow officials are considering several options to increase paramedic staffing as volunteers face an increasing call volume
One of the AMR paramedics was critically injured in the crash with a wrong-way driver on I-10
The medical director for the Middletown Division of Fire stated the paramedics “breached the standard of care and the breach caused” the death
Coroner’s staff arrived after the Springfield Township paramedics left the scene and found the woman trying to breathe
Sioux City Mayor Bob Scott opposed the plan saying some people are “excellent paramedics” who may not be able to test to be firefighters
Eight countries currently use the IPR exam process to certify providers as Emergency Medical Responder, Emergency Medical Technicians or Paramedic
City Attorney Margaret Casey said medics spent less than 15 seconds assessing Whitfield Marshall Jr.
Tucson Police Department stated a vehicle traveling the wrong way collided with an AMR ambulance
Vancouver paramedics were treating a patient when their squad was stolen and later abandoned
Paramedics faced a complex rescue on a popular trail near Cajon Pass
Saugerties, Ulster County officials debate disparity among providers, staffing and costs for smaller communities
Lawmakers in Kingston have funded salaries for three paramedics and five EMTs
Task force members discussed funding, salaries, regulations and community paramedicine
Baltimore EMS personnel will be eligible for the retention bonus if they stay on the job for the next three years
MedStar personnel describe their first moments on the scene of the Sandman Signature Hotel explosion
Rescuers spent five hours digging the plumber out from a collapse at a National City shopping mall
In a new work visa program, Spirit EMS was able to reach halfway around the world for paramedic recruitment
Daviess Community Hospital’s construction plans give paramedics and EMTs their own kitchen, quarters
Santa Clara County officials work to deal with staffing issues as residents face long EMS response times
Rural medics who rescued the rancher didn’t have much experience handling severe wounds, but a doctor was able to help via video inside the ambulance