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EMS1 to host Steve Whitehead’s latest series, ‘One for the Road’

The “Remember Two Things” alum is back to offer actionable tips for field providers; new episodes drop twice each month

You may know him from his popular series, “Remember Two Things,” but this time, EMS educator, author and advocate, Firefighter-Paramedic Steve Whitehead is sharing actionable tips providers can use on their very next call.

In partnership with Hartwell Medical, EMS1 is now hosting Whitehead’s latest series, “One for the Road,” which Whitehead has described as a “cross between a rant and a love letter to EMS.” The 5-minute videos offer practical advice for overcoming obstacles commonly seen in the prehospital setting.

Failed IV bag? Need a faster way to apply a tourniquet? Whitehead tackles these concerns and more in “One for the Road,” with two new episodes premiering each month.

Whitehead is an EMS instructor with the South Metro Fire Rescue Authority in Lone Tree, Colorado, and the creator of the blog, The EMT Spot. He is a primary instructor for South Metro’s EMT program and a lifelong student of emergency medicine. Reach him through his blog at

A 30-year player in the industry, Hartwell Medical’s field-tested EMS product line includes vacuum splinting, airway management and immobilization devices designed to meet the latest spinal motion restriction (SMR) protocols.

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