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Medic Mindset Podcast: Thinking about Syncope

Austin Travis County Deputy Medical Director Jason Pickett identifies syncope differential and the applications for spinal motion restriction and point of care ultrasound


Photo/Ginger Locke

In this episode, our host, Ginger Locke, speaks with Dr. Jason Pickett, the deputy medical director at the Austin Travis County Office of the Medical Director. They hunkered down in a recording closet for an hour with one mission: data-mining Dr. Pickett’s brain for his thoughts on syncope.

They discuss:

The Medic Mindset podcast is created and hosted by Ginger Locke, BA, NRP. As an associate professor of EMS Professions at Austin (TX) Community College, she has immersed herself in the art and science of how medics think and perform. In interviews with medics and subject-matter experts, she thoughtfully explores the inner-workings of the minds of medics. Prior to becoming a paramedic, she studied social psychology at the University of Georgia and the University of Leicester, UK. Her professional endeavors revolve around the conviction that the most important and complicated tool in EMS in the brain of the medic.