LODD: Texas firefighter/medic suffers heart attack after EMS call

Groesbeck Volunteer Fire-Rescue Lt. Richard Hempel reportedly began to feel ill and became unresponsive the next morning

Duty Death: Lieutenant Richard Michael Hempel - [Groesbeck, Texas]

End of Service: 05/09/2023

By Bill Carey 
FireRescue1/EMS1 Staff  

GROESBECK, Texas — The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) has announced the on-duty death of Lieutenant Richard Michael Hempel, of Groesbeck Volunteer Fire-Rescue on May 9. 

Lieutenant Hempel responded to an EMS call on May 8. On the following morning he began to feel ill and became unresponsive, the USFA reported.  

911 was immediately called and he was transported to the Limestone Medical Center where he was pronounced deceased from an apparent heart attack.  

Lieutenant Hempel was also a paramedic for the Limestone Medical Center.


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