Advancing the EMS legislative agenda

Bruce Evans on EMS on the Hill Day and his goal to get EMS professionals in office

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In this edition of EMS One-StopRob Lawrence chats with NAEMT President, Bruce Evans about the upcoming virtual EMS on the Hill Day

The online event, which consists of virtual meetings with members of congress, spans the week of April 4 - 8 with groups organized by state and scheduled into Zoom meetings.

Rob and Bruce discuss the NAEMT legislative agenda and the requests that attendees will be asked to make in their meetings.  Bruce also discusses the collaboration taking place between a number of national associations and the lobbying value that it brings.

Also included: information on the forthcoming workshop to be held at the Pinnacle conference where NAEMT will provide guidance on how to run for public office.  Bruce's aspiration is to have at least one EMS professional in each state house, if not more.

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