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Former Pa. EMT claims she was fired for pregnancy

Former EMS Southwest EMT Bayley Colvin is suing the agency, saying she was previously scolded for rescheduling a doctor’s appointment and being late due to morning sickness

Megan Guza
The Tribune-Review

GREENE COUNTY, Pa. — A Greene County woman this week sued the Murrysville-based EMS Southwest, contending she was fired from her EMT job because she was pregnant.

Bayley Colvin, of Rice’s Landing, said in the federal lawsuit she began her job with the emergency medical service in Waynesburg in September 2019. A little less than two months later, she informed one of the EMS directors she was pregnant.

According to the lawsuit, the director told her “there was no problem,” and she could continue her work throughout her pregnancy and noted she’d be restricted from heavy lifting. She was also granted all requested days off for her prenatal appointments, she said.

Colvin alleged that at one point, she needed to unexpectedly reschedule an appointment. The assistant director of dispatch told Colvin “it’s not our fault that you’re pregnant,” according to the lawsuit, and noted that no more accommodations would be made.

Representatives of EMS Southwest could not immediately be reached for comment.

The lawsuit further contends Colvin began experiencing severe morning sickness and on more than one occasion had to pull over on her way to work to vomit. She said this made her a few minutes later several times, and the assistant director told her the tardiness was “unacceptable,” the lawsuit said.

Colvin said she was told that other pregnant employees were never late because of morning sickness, according to the lawsuit. She said was written up rather than given the option to stay late to make up the missed time.

In December, Colvin said she took two days off for a tooth extraction, time off that was approved, according to the lawsuit. Two days after she returned, however, she was told that because of budget cuts, her position was being eliminated.

According to the lawsuit, Colvin was told that “certain circumstances” were looked at in deciding which employee to terminate, plus she’d been the most recent hire. The lawsuit contends Colvin was hired at the same time two others were hired and another employee was still going through the certification process.

The lawsuit alleges violations of the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and is asking for a jury trial and an unspecified amount in damages.


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