Court: NJ Hospital take over of EMS can move forward

The appeals court stay of a lower court's decision allows the controversial take over of EMS in Camden by Cooper University Hospital to happen, pending appeal

Associated Press

TRENTON, N.J. — A New Jersey appeals court says a law allowing Cooper University Hospital to take over emergency medical services in Camden can go forward — for now.

The appellate panel on Tuesday granted a stay pending appeal of a lower court's decision last week that found that law unconstitutional.

The legislation allowed Cooper to take over life-support services from Virtua Health System. The chairman of Cooper's board is George Norcross, a Democratic Party powerbroker with deep influence in the Statehouse.

The state Attorney General's office requested a stay, arguing that the decision could have disrupted services in the city.

Virtua argued that Camden could take emergency measures to avoid interruptions in service. Virtua says it's seeking reconsideration of the order to permit Virtua to continue providing paramedic services in the city.

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