Preparing for the coronation

999, London Ambulance Service Deputy Director Simon Harding talks emergency planning for the royal gathering

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Recorded with less than 24 hours to go before the coronation of King Charles III, of England, host Rob Lawrence sits down with Simon Harding, deputy director of the London Ambulance Service to discuss planning for the coronation. Harding also serves as deputy director of London's 999 control centers.

Harding begins by highlighting the construct of ambulance services in the United Kingdom, as well as the scope and operation of the London Ambulance Service, which serves 9 million citizens of the national capitol, plus visitors. LAS takes over 2 million 999 (the UK equivalent of 911) calls a year in addition to 2 million 111 calls (for non-emergency responses).

Harding and Rob discuss how incident management operates in the UK, using the GOLD, SILVER and BRONZE levels of command, and the roles and responsibilities at each level. They talk about the plans for the coronation and how LAS – in partnership with public safety and military planners – are preparing to support the historic event.

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